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im bakc btcihes

2015-12-10 15:21:54 by jeffpooper

hey guys did you miss me???????????i forgot my fuckin passwowsd but now i got it back also that one rip off fag changed his fuckign name to inferfag01 like look at his shitty new profile wtfffffff im goin to update my picuter soon so get ready :))))))


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2015-12-10 15:29:07

Ikr, what a fucking rip off!!!!11 :((((((((((((((


2015-12-11 11:38:56

i only changed my fkin name cuz i forget my frickin password ya dingus .-.

jeffpooper responds:

looooooooool dumbass


2015-12-11 11:39:45

and fuck you no1 cares bout u except for u fkin dumbass fan

jeffpooper responds:

noone cares about you either pokefag go take a shit on yoruself lol


2015-12-11 12:11:04

all my 12 fans from jeffkiller account care about me so u stfu

jeffpooper responds:

but thats not your account anymore so you only have one dumbass fan now lololol atleast mine is smart unlike your shitty autistic fan :)))))))))))))


2015-12-11 12:11:29

and only ur fkin 1 fan cares bout u so f off dumbass


2015-12-11 12:16:52

just because i have different account doesnt mean i have only 1 fan dumbass. the other fans just havent seen my account yet .-.


2015-12-11 12:17:22

and my fan is awesomer than ur dumbass fan so u stfu


2015-12-23 12:17:45

I actually miss you! I fucking cri because of fake Jeff! :'(