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I'm done

2016-06-25 15:03:35 by jeffpooper

Hey everyone, the guy behind the obvious troll account "jeffpooper" here. Just wanted to say that I'm quitting this whole "trolling jeffkiller(aka Infernape01)" thing. Why? Because it got really boring and I couldn't be bothered to put more effort into the troll. And in case you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, here's a little story:

One day a friend of mine, Pop Fizzy, discovered an account named "jeffkiller". He showed me what "beautiful" drawings and eventually "animations" he uploaded to Newgrounds. We both got a good laugh out of them, but what was even better were the comments on them. Some dude by the name of "coolman2003" left some troll comments on jeff's drawings and he replied in the most childish ways possible. Almost dying out of laughter I got the (more or less) brilliant idea to take it a step further. I created this account, in reference to coolman's comment saying "look like jaff pooping ;D". Posting troll comments, making equally cringeworthy drawings and calling jeff the rip off, and as you'd expect, I got results, and it was hilarious for me and Pop Fizzy. I didn't even have to put a lot of effort into this troll (which should be very obvious that I didn't). But after the recent comment wars on my posts it got really stale and it got harder to bring myself to reply to him. He wasn't even posting new comments so I would've had to provoke him but I just wasn't motivated enough to do that anymore. So I moved on, focused more on playing games and a bit of game development and just didn't care about jeff anymore. And now we're here, you reading this news post.

So that was that, it was fun for how long it lasted and I hope some of you who witnessed this shit going on had a good cringe/laugh/whatever out of it. I'm not even sorry for this, jeff is an ignorant kid who seriously thinks that he's 36 years old...yeah, because mature adults go on Newgrounds to upload their childish and edgy as fuck drawings of stickmen characters, use "kid" as an insult and try hard to be cool by adding "Hmph" to every single on of their comments. But who am I to say that? I'm not any better, using my free time to troll some random person on the internet. Now then, I'm just going to leave this account to rot here. Oh, and shoutouts to PivotKnife, him taking part in the jeffkiller troll was really funny.


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2016-06-25 15:12:02

@Infernape01 @demon1000 Go read this and start a party or some shit.


2016-06-25 17:43:24

*Sighs* Listen. Your post is completely pointless. Why? Well one,even if I was a kid,I'm still smarter than you,and everyone knows you are the real kid here. Heh,but now I forgive you,since as you said,it was all a troll. Though,I have a feeling your just gonna to this comment. Again,I won't reply to you as every time I reply,over 40 comments are posted on this post. And uh two,only your friends would care about this or something. Everyone else? Well they wouldn't bother commenting if they know who you are,since,well,you're the ripoff. Btw,someone from your little kid army is gone now. I'm sure you've noticed. And uhh you know. The jeffkiller troll wasn't working too well for you. Heh,you may think it was a success,but remember the times I always corrected you,proved everything you said wrong and everything. So yeah that's pretty much it to this comment.

jeffpooper responds:

Still trying to be the superior one here, huh? Oh you, only you really care about who's better, everyone else just thinks this is some internet flame war between two little kids. And me? Well what should I say, I already know I'm a big idiot so why should I even bother. Who knows, maybe one day you'll achieve something with your love for gaming/animating while I'm still unsuccessful at everything. The main reason for this post is to just show that I'm not going to troll you anymore and give my last opinion about you, I didn't expect anyone aside from you and demon1000 to care about this post anyway (but just in case someone else does, I added the story so that noone would get confused, heck, maybe you found it a bit interesting to see how I got the idea to make this account, idk). Oh and btw, the only way the troll wouldn't have been a success is if you wouldn't have fallen for it and just ignored it and well, I think we all know how that went, just saying.

This really is my last comment now, I swear. Goodbye, have fun on Newgrounds without me and feel good about it or something.


2016-06-25 20:27:15 uhh...see ya.


2016-06-25 20:27:51

(I have no idea why the hell I have a feeling I'm gonna miss him)


2016-06-26 00:25:03

Im glad you moved on... so I don't have much to say...But i hope for the best you changed your ways...

see ya mate...


2016-06-26 12:44:09

Actually nah I don't care anymore. At least I don't have someone to act really stupid and to reply every fucking day.


2016-09-13 06:55:35

@Infernape01 and @demon1000

I like men.


2016-12-15 16:14:03

Hey buddy,remember when I said I forgive you? I lied. Bitch.